How to Spend Your Bitcoin

Although fluctuations may occur on the Bitcoin exchange markets, and although one day your Bitcoin wallet may have more or less value in a local currency (fiat), these issues should bear no consequence to you.The reason is quite simple; you are now living in a Bitcoin-only World and nothing else matters besides owning and spending Bitcoin on items you need and want.

This is why is such a great choice for your gaming entertainment.

Bitcoin is getting very popular for many different reasons and this is being reflected in the way it has become widely accepted in lots of Countries around the World. There are more than 100,000 merchants worldwide that accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and the list is growing rapidly giving you many options to enjoy your winnings.

Want to Buy a Mansion with Bitcoin?

Yes, incredibly you can also buy luxury properties all over the World from quite a few real estate agents on the internet. The process is very similar to buying a house using traditional methods. A property-owner advertises their property on a bitcoin real estate site. You like the property and negotiate a fair price through the estate agent. The only difference is that instead of transferring the money from one bank account to another both you and the seller need to agree on the exchange of Bitcoins to complete the purchase.

The Bitcoin is held in an "escrow" type system until contracts are signed and the keys are handed over.

Paying for a recognised Degree at a recognised University?
Possible too, and it all started with the tiny island of Cyprus in Europe.
Nicosia University was the first to accept Bitcoin back in 2014 as payment for its Master of Science Degree in Digital Currency course. Currently there are many more schools, colleges, universities and institutions all over the World that accept Bitcoin to pay for study.

OK, so now you have a mansion and hold a distinguished Master's degree from a reputable University thanks to Bitcoin and its flexibility. But how do you get to your high powered job and back?

Luxury car, I would imagine. And luckily for you there are plenty of car dealers and private owners willing to accept Bitcoin as payment for a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche.

For those that are already qualified and wish to retire to enjoy their winnings we recommend checking out the Bitcoin travel agents that can arrange a holiday of a lifetime. Maybe a round-the-world cruise or a weekend break at a spa to be pampered and cared for. Every option is available including shopping for high-end electrical goods on Amazon with Bitcoin gift cards or having a coffee at your local café is now possible with the scan of a QR code.

Withdrawing hard cash is easier than ever with thousands of ATM machines dotted all over major cities in the USA and around the World.

This isn't some science fiction movie or fantasy, this is happening right now and everything I have detailed is currently available, plus much, more more. A simple Google search and you are presented with a treasure trove of websites and shops to spend your winnings.

The only thing you have to do is imagine a Bitcoin-only World and not worry about whether the exchange rate is going up or down, it bears no relevance on your wealth or situation because you hold Bitcoin and you buy in Bitcoin. Fluctuations are for traders, but you aren't trading, you are enjoying.

Once you have transferred Bitcoin from your wallet into your casino account you can be assured of complete privacy and anonymity; so relax, play and enjoy the huge jackpots we offer and the best gaming experience on the Internet. Enjoy playing at, we hope that you enjoy us and your winnings.