Why Choose to Play at BtcVegas.io

Welcome to BtcVegas.io.

How you got to us is not our concern but our delight, and we are very happy you found us!

You may be wondering what makes us so different from any other Online Casino? We know there are thousands of other Casinos out there on the World Wide Web but what sets us apart from the rest and how can we prove that you landed at the most entertaining and honest gaming experience?

Bitcoin Only Please
The most noticeable thing about BtcVegas online casino is that we only accept Bitcoin and we only have gameplay in mBTC. mBTC is simply a 1/1000 of a Bitcoin, so if you were to deposit 1 Bitcoin, your Balance would automatically show mBTC 1000. We do this so it will be aesthetically pleasing and you have lots of credits to play with. Best of all you do not have any conversion fees from BTC to mBTC and vice versa so whatever winnings you have in your account are a 1/1000th of what the BTC real value is when you wish to cashout - it is all simple maths. No need to worry about any currency exchange rates or fluctuations on the markets.

We All Want to Feel Secure
BtcVegas is a Bitcoin-only environment so we provide you with the highest level of privacy, confidentiality and security. We will never divulge anything to anyone. We don't even ask for your name or address, we have no need to. All transactions are processed in Bitcoin and we operate with the highest levels of encryption. The games are all independently audited and tested on a regular basis for fairness. We operate a secure, fair and fun gaming experience that is completely anonymous.

Fast is our Middle Name
Because all transactions are made in Bitcoin we have no worries with fund transfer times. In the "good ole' days" when we used banks we had to manually go through every wire transfer and credit card transaction and worry whether the money had been received or concerned the payments had been made. Also there were lots of other considerations to take into account before a withdrawal could be processed and it was very manual and time consuming, sometimes taking up to a week. Fortunately, those days are gone and we can sit back and relax and enjoy playing in the knowledge that withdrawals will be processed with one click and within a very fast timeframe.

Global is Great
We love being able to accept players from anywhere and everywhere on Earth. We have no limitations on where you play and what you play, we just concentrate on keeping you happy playing with us. Because we are Bitcoin-only we do not have the same concerns as other online casinos and as such we can accept anyone over 18 to play with us. And just to confirm once again, BtcVegas has taken every possible step to protect your anonymity and that includes your exact location. We ask for your Country just so we can send notifications and target specific promotions to you in the language you understand.

Service with a Smile
The first thing we tell our Customer Service team in their initial training session is to always work with a smile on their face. That smile is projected in the way they provide a helpful, professional and friendly service to our clients. Our Customer Service team is 24/7 and always on hand by Live Chat (accessible on the website and inside the Casino), Telephone and Email. They are here to assist with everything and are only too happy to answer questions and solve problems in pretty much anything Casino related. They are experts in Bitcoin and can inform you of the easiest ways to fund Bitcoin wallets and keep your Bitcoin safe. They can help with bonuses and promotions and solve almost every issue. If they cannot, they will escalate your request to the correct department to resolve.

Go Incognito - we love Privacy too
Modern browsers have powerful features and the best one is incognito or private mode. And unlike most other online Casinos we are not bothered if you hide your browser action from us, in fact we are very happy you do. We much prefer you take time to open incognito mode and play the Casino without any browser history being logged. It makes sense that no one will know your secret passion and cannot login after you close the page. We don't record your browser activity with us and we are not interested in tracking it. Yes, we worry about your confidentiality. Your experience with us is very important but we hope you will tell us about that yourself. We don't need to meddle about to find out.

Your Funds are Safe with Us
We find this subject delicate and very important. Probably the most vital aspect of running any business where funds change hands is security and trust. BtcVegas runs a Funds Guarantee Scheme that guarantees the mBTC funds in your account are backed up and cannot be accessed by anyone other than yourself. The only other department that have access to your funds is the Finance dept and they need that to process withdrawals or make adjustments should it be necessary. Under no circumstances will your real money balance be touched without express permission from you.